Resilient Commercial Corridors

Business corridors in our communities are changing at a rapid rate due to large-scale development projects, geographically-focused investments, and gentrification. When external changes impact a commercial corridor, there is often disruption, displacement, and closure of longstanding indigenous small businesses in the vicinity. LEDC works closely and on-site with these small business owners to strengthen their operations, access financing, and connect them into government incentives and assistance. Our goal is to help these businesses weather external disruptions and pivot to thrive once development/gentrification brings about new economic vitality to their corridors. At the micro level, we are working to help sustain the livelihoods of the small business owners and the community members they employ. At the macro level, we are helping to maintain the integrity and character of longstanding neighborhoods.


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LEDC is replicating concurrent efforts we are implementing in the region to support small businesses that are vulnerable due to external forces such as transit projects, significant construction projects, and gentrification.

Current LEDC Resilient Business projects are underway along the following commercial corridors:


  • Wheaton Triangle
  • Silver Spring, MD
  • Corridors impacted by the Purple Line construction, Montgomery County, MD

Washington DC, Ward 1 & 4

  • Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, DC
  • Columbia Road, NW Washington, DC

Washington DC, Ward 7 & 8

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Good Hope Road, SE Washington, DC

We are partnering with Ascend to strengthen Washington DC’s Ward 7 & 8 small businesses.  With the support of Ascend, LEDC is offering established and aspiring entrepreneurs with 1-on-1 businesses coaching, workshops (marketing, finance, industry-specific topics and more), intensive consulting services (QuickBooks, legal, inventory control, merchandising, among others), and access to capital.

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