Emotional Resilience for Women Entrepreneurs

Emotional Resilience for Women Entrepreneurs

Strengthen your Emotional Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

COVID-19 has had an unthinkable impact in our communities. Business owners and entrepreneurs have become one of the most at-risk populations affected by COVID-19. And as a woman, the impact can me even more overwhelming.

Are you a woman business owner or entrepreneur struggling to make it through this challenging time?

Looking for ways to cope and maintain perspective?

You are not alone!

As we move through the current health crisis, join Empowered Women International (EWI) and Luisa Torres, CEO and Founder of Happiher, to learn and acquire skills that can help you improve your mental & emotional resilience.

In this webinar, you will discover…

- What is the psychological immune system? And how does work?

- The biology behind your emotions.

- Strategies to help you cope with negative emotions.

- Using distraction to reduce the impact of negative & painful experiences.

- Ways to help you increase positive emotions.

- Physiological strategies that can help you improve psychologically.

- Why a sense of connection is fundamental for emotional resilience.

Luisa will also guide us through a short meditation and there will be some time for Q & As.


About the presenter…

MSc. Luisa Torres is the CEO and Founder of Happiher- Empowering Women and the Director of the Positive Psychology Center of Colombia. Luisa has an extensive background in psychology and has earned Master Degrees in Neuroscience and Applied Positive Psychology.

With more than 12 years of experience, Luisa has designed and facilitated wellness programs, workshops and trainings for women in more than 10 countries worldwide including Kenya, Colombia, UK, Mexico, Paraguay and USA. Her passion is to help women develop the required skills to reach their potential and enhance their well-being.

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In Spanish Thursday, April 9 @ 5 pm https://www.ledcmetro.org/resiliencia_emocional 

April 02, 2020 at 5:00pm - 7pm
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