Your Credit Report

If you don’t know your credit score or your current credit history, or even know what good credit really means, start today!

Download your free credit report, and use LEDC's Credit Assessment and Bilingual Credit Tip Sheets to get on the road to credit nutrition!

In the United States, your credit report is the single most powerful financial report card that you have, showing your financial history, abilities, experience level, and potential. Lenders, employers, small business partners, and landlords look directly at your credit report and credit scores to make decisions about whether or not to lend you money, rent or sell you a home or apartment, lease or sell you a car, establish interest rates on insurance, loans and mortgages, and even give you a job.

EVERYONE has a credit report, regardless of immigration status - the higher your three scores (between 350-850) the better! There are many credit scores available, but the big 3 - Equifax (EFX), Experian (XPN), and Transunion (TUC) - provide you with the three primary FICO scores that determine your national profile. 
Build your credit scores by making the Big 3 (EFX,XPN,TUC) happy – always pay on time, keep ultra low balances on your credit cards, establish long and developed histories, make on time home and auto payments, pay off or dispute or eliminate collections.

When errors appear on your credit report, a simple dispute letter to each of the Big 3 will often resolve these and other errors by law. Download LEDC’s dispute template and instructions and start cleaning up your credit report today. 

Healthy credit scores open the doors to your financial future and can mean tens of thousands of dollars in savings. Take control of your credit report and make sure that your credit profile is as healthy as possible – today! 


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