Trainings for Success

Every successful small business owner knows his or her strengths and weaknesses. LEDC has a variety of trainings to support your small business goals.


  • In DC, call Karina - (202) 540-7405
  • In Wheaton, call Richard - (202) 540-7424
  • In Baltimore, call Omar - (202) 300-6179

To sign up online, visit the "Events and Workshops" calendar. Below is a list of commonly offered trainings.

Course Name Description

How to Start a Business 

Do you want to start a business but don’t know where to begin? In this training, we will give you general information about the steps to take to open your own business. Some of the topics explored include how to: Write a Business Plan, Finance Your Business, and Obtain Licenses and Permits.

Technology Basics 

Do you want to know how technology can support your business? Learn the basics of how small business owners can use technology to work faster and smarter in this 3-week skills workshop.

Your Web Page

Are you ready to build your online profile for your small business with a webpage but don’t know where to start? Learn how you can build a web page and an overall online presence at a low cost using tools online to help you build a larger customer base in this 5-week skills workshop.

Incorporation, Taxes, and Recordkeeping

Do you want to learn how to make paying business taxes less of a pain? Learn how to properly and efficiently manage your tax filings and how to make sure your business is in total tax compliance in this 5-week skills workshop.


Do you know how to track your expenses and revenue? Are you seeking a stronger sense on how financially sustainable your business is? Learn how Quickbooks can help you take control of your business’ finances in this 8-week skills workshop.

Take Control: Technology and Business Systems 

Learn how applications like Excel and Google can help you organize your business and take it to the next level of efficiency and automization. Take Control focuses on creating a new platform for your business with the following modules: Google Apps, Excel, and CRM in this 8-week skills workshop. This module is exclusively for existing small business owners.