Consulting Services for LEDC-SBA lending clientes

Specialized Consulting Services at no cost for SBA-LEDC lending Clients


Active LEDC clients who received an SBA loan can request specialized consulting services worth up to $3,000 from vetted consultants that offer a wide range of services in marketing, operations, finance, and legal aspects of running a business. Please follow these steps:

  1. Check the available consulting services (see below) and decide which one your business needs the most at this moment.
  2. Request a service by filling out this online form. Once you submit the online form, you will receive an email introducing you to a vetted consultant if your business is eligible for this program.
  3. Meet with the consultant and determine the scope of work.
  4. Receive the service and provide feedback.

  Marketing and Sales

  Brand Consulting

Consulting services on this topic could include the following: 

Brand redesign, Logo redesign,  Marketing language, Recommendations for brand positioning, and how the brand can be expressed throughout the business operations

  Graphic Design Services
    Consulting services on this topic could include the following: Flyer Design, Menu Design, Signage Design
  Develop E-commerce or website
  Product/Business Photography Session
  Online Presence Assessment and Strategy
    Consulting services on this topic might include the following activities:
-Conduct a website audit and an online presence assessment including online reputation.
-Provide recommendations to improve website traffic and conversions
-Provide recommendations to increase online presence and reputation.
-Provide recommendations to improve user engagement on social media platforms.
  Sales Training
  Brand Storytelling
    This consulting service aims to help businesses craft their brand stories for marketing, investor pitches, recruitment, and community relations.

  Procurement & Business certifications

  Assistance to obtain a Business Certification (MBE, CED,WOSB)
  Identify and Apply to Procurement opportunities

  Operations & HR

  Set up an online app to manage clients, staff, orders, or assets
  Setup POS System to receive multiple payment methods
  Setup Payroll System
  Setup Booking/Appointment System
  Setup Bookkeeping System
  Automatization of Admin Tasks
    Consulting services on this topic might include the following:
- Design workflows and processes to streamline daily operations.
- Sending automated notifications o reminders to clients or staff when there is an appointment or change on service status
- Sending invoices and collecting payments when a job is completed
- Sending automated emails or WhatsApp messages to collect information such as client satisfaction or estimate approval.
- Synchronizing data across multiple platforms ex accounting software and sales management software
- Creating documents and collecting signatures when clients approve estimates or proposals
- Assigning tasks, jobs, or prospects to staff or updating the status of activities, projects, invoices, etc.
  Staff retention tools
    Consulting services on this topic include the following activities:
-Conduct an HR assessment to identify potential causes for employee turnover and areas of improvement
- Provide a tool to measure employee wellbeing
- Assist client in implementing exit interviews
-Provide advice to establish strategies to retain staff and improve employee wellbeing and motivation
  Create HR Handbook

  Finance & Taxation 

  Financial Planning and Projections

Consulting services on this topic include the following activities:

-Assist clients to forecast revenue, expenses, and cash flow for the next 24 months.
-Assist clients to establish a contingency plan for periods with low cash flow
-Advice clients to manage cash flow surplus and make decisions about debt reduction, owner withdraws, cash reserves or investment on the business.

  Financial Health Checkup

Consulting services on this topic include the following activities:

Analyze business financial statements to evaluate profitability, indebtedness, and liquidity by calculating key metrics to compare business performance with industry standards.

Assist clients to identify financial strategies to improve underperforming areas. E.g., Audit expenses to ensure efficiency and value-add, refinance high-interest financing and adjust pricing.

  Corporate Tax Advisory

Consulting services on this topic include the following activities:

Analyze business tax returns from the last two years (Local and Federal) and business operation to identify opportunities for tax savings

Assist client in making estimated tax payments and provide a tool to forecast tax liabilities.

Assist clients to setup electronic payments (if needed)
Provide advice to establish payment plans if taxes are past due.

  Legal Advice


Lease Negotiation and Real Estate Legal Counseling


Intellectual Property 


Consulting services on this topic include the following services:

-Conducting intellectual property clearances
-Registering, enforcing, and protecting intellectual property assets
-Providing counsel on licensing, co-existence agreements, assignments, and other transactional matters


Franchise (Legal Advice)


Consulting services on this topic include the following services:

-Trademark development, protection, and enforcement
-Resolving disputes between franchisors and franchisees
-Providing counsel on compliance with franchise sales and relationship laws
-Preparing and reviewing franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements
-Advising on franchise system operations and other franchise policies and procedures

  Food - Restaurants


Menu Development (Pricing, Dish selection, layout of menu display)


Develop HACCP Plan


Food Safety Training

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