Success Story

Becoming sole owner of his business. Rosendero's Turning Point. 

When someone leaves their country and comes here, that is a huge step forward. The sacrifice, the infrastructure, the knowledge that make up this business - I wanted to stay open and serve the community.

An electrician with a passion for helping youth realize their potential, Rosendero immigrated to the United States from El Salvador in search of economic opportunity for his family.

Working odd jobs for years, he opened RV General Auto Services in 2007 with his two sons, including Edgar, his master mechanic. Over eight years, Rosendero learned from his oldest son, a certified expert in engines and hydraulics. When his sons left to pursue other opportunities, the fruits of his labor were left hanging in the balance. Committed to his clients, Rosendero decided to keep the business open and partnered with LEDC to fill out and submit all the necessary documents to re-register the business with the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs under his name alone to continue serving his community.