Back to Basics Webinar Series: Bills & Expenses

Back to Basics Webinar Series: Bills & Expenses



LEDC is partnering with CFO Services Group to do an 8 part “Back to Basics” webinar seriesThis series is designed to give YOU the knowledge and skills you need to be successful with your business or nonprofit. 

For the second course in the series, we will be focusing on your Bills & Expenses:date: 6 OCT 2020 3PM on Zoom. You need to clearly see how you are spending your resources to be a good stewards of your hard-earned money. Keeping your key vendors happy by paying them on time is critical to a successful business. Learn how to do these tasks properly.


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October 06, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4pm
Javier Sanchez · · (202) 590-1598
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