Saul Vasquez

Saul Vasquez
Financial Empowerment Program Manager, MD

[email protected]

Saul Vasquez is a HUD Approved Bilingual Housing Counselor, who has been working at LEDC since May 2022. In this role, he supports the housing team and community by providing comprehensive pre-purchase, post-purchase, and foreclosure prevention counseling. Additionally, he creates a welcoming and safe environment where individuals can express themselves and feel heard, validated, and empowered. Saul grew up in San Pedro Nonualco, El Salvador, he emigrated to the United States in August 2016, having previously attained a college degree in Agroindustrial Engineering from the University of El Salvador. His professional journey began with volunteering at a local nonprofit in 2016, where he quickly transitioned to a full-time role in 2017.

Through this experience, he was able to make a meaningful and positive impact on his clients. As an engineer by profession, Saul then transitioned to the winery and distillery industry in 2018. He worked in various capacities such as Assistant Winemaker, Festival Director, Social Media Coordinator, and Master Distiller Assistant. As a Festival Director, he established a sales record in 2019, through his exceptional people-oriented leadership style and ability to inspire over 200 volunteers and eight colleagues to achieve a shared goal.

In 2022, Saul made the decision to pursue a new career path where he can continue developing his people-oriented leadership skills after realizing that his previous successes came from a single mantra: “it’s all about people”. In his current role as a Housing Counselor, he has discovered the importance of building a healthy relationship with money and that money encompasses more than just math and numbers, it also encompasses the behaviors and emotions associated with it. His long-term aspiration is to become a Financial Therapist, through which he can assist individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of their own personal money stories and money imprints, leading to the development of a positive mindset towards their personal finances and their financial legacy.

In his free time, Saul enjoys reading about personal finances, personal growth, and psychology. He also shares his insights and perspective on these topics through his Instagram account, @SemillaPositiva. His personal philosophy is "New roots, New fruits". The essence of this phrase is that to manifest change externally, one must first attend to the internal.