Isis Salmeron

Isis Salmeron
Chief Financial Officer

Isis Salmerón is LEDC’s Chief Financial Officer. Spearheading LEDC’s finance functions, Isis advises the CEO and Board of Directors on budgets, financial strategies, compliance matters, and efficiencies. She leads the development of the annual budget, collaborates with cross-functional finance, program, and operational teams, and directs the performance of finance staff.

Bringing over ten years of experience in finance and budgeting, Isis continually evolves LEDC’s financial framework, setting forth financial policies, procedures, controls, and reporting systems to maximize the return on financial assets. She holds full accountability for cost and general accounting, accounts receivable, collections, and regulatory compliance for federal, state, local, and privately funded loans and grants. During her time at LEDC, Isis has influenced the organization’s growth from 40 to 85 employees while stewarding multi-million-dollar loan and grant programs to empower small businesses.

Assuming ever-increasing responsibility, Isis has also served LEDC as the Director of Finance, Lending Operations Manager, Senior Lending Officer & Underwriter, and Small Business Lending Officer. Prior to joining LEDC, she oversaw microlending for the International AMC Corporation. With over nine years of experience transforming small businesses and low-income populations by administering grants and loans, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the DC metropolitan area. Originally hailing from El Salvador, Isis leverages a rich background to connect easily with diverse audiences.

Isis holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Business Administration from the University of New Orleans and a Master of Science in Finance from Johns Hopkins University.