Fernando Quiroz

Fernando Quiroz
Loan Operations Manager

Serving as LEDC’s Loan Operations Manager, born in Lima, Peru, Fernando Quiroz's journey from his homeland to the United States in 1996 marked the beginning of a remarkable career dedicated to serving others. His upbringing instilled in him a strong sense of community and a desire to make a positive impact wherever he goes.

After completing his high school education, Fernando pursued his academic aspirations at Marymount University, where he graduated with distinction, earning a degree in Business Management and Marketing & Advertising. Armed with a solid foundation in business principles and a passion for helping others, Fernando embarked on a career path focused on sales and customer service.

With over a decade of experience in the field, Fernando has honed his skills as a dedicated advocate for his clients, consistently going above and beyond to meet their needs. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his innate problem-solving abilities have earned him a stellar reputation in the industry.

Fernando's professional journey has taken him through esteemed organizations such as Wells Fargo, Long and Foster, Koons & Sheehy Automotive, and Truist Financial, where he served in pivotal roles as a Branch Manager. In these positions, he led by example, inspiring his teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences while achieving business objectives.

As Fernando Quiroz continues to chart his course in the world of customer service and leadership, he remains steadfast in his dedication to serving others and driving meaningful impact. With his wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, he is poised to continue making a difference for years to come.