Aura Martinez

Aura Martinez
Tenant Services & Eviction Preservation Coordinator

[email protected]

Aura Martinez's passion for helping others is deeply rooted in her experiences as a Latina woman in the United States. Since moving from Honduras to the United States when she was 16 years old, she has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by minorities and the lack of resources that can impact their lives in various aspects. This has fueled her commitment to social work and mental health, as she strives to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. Her dedication to addressing these disparities in a professional and compassionate manner is truly inspiring. She is a dedicated professional with a strong educational background.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Family Science from the University of Maryland and an associate degree in psychology. With her diverse experiences, she has showcased her skills in various roles. As an Internship/Academic Director Assistant at Communikids Immersion Preschool, Aura identified behavioral issues, ensured high-quality education, and collaborated with teachers and families. She was an Online Tutor for the Maryland Family Literacy Program at UMD, helping low-income individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. The program connected locals with MFLP mentors to improve English skills through tailored lessons. It made a real difference in their learning process. Additionally, as a Volunteer Clinician Assistant at the Children's Developmental Clinic, Aura supported infants, toddlers, children and parents through cognitive-behavioral therapy and treatment options helping overcome various developmental disabilities.

In her free time, Aura finds great fulfillment in spending quality moments with her loved ones and her two adorable dogs. She prioritizes her physical well-being by engaging in fitness activities at the gym. Additionally, she loves literature and enjoys long walks and hiking. Embracing the simple joys of life is her ultimate goal!