The strongest service delivery system sometimes just isn’t enough. Participant-led advocacy is a critical part of our comprehensive approach to community-based economic development.

Advocacy is a key component of LEDC’s comprehensive approach to community-based economic development.

LEDC's advocacy work promotes the adoption of programs and policies at the federal, state, and local levels to achieve economic inclusion and increase the political participation of Latinos and other DC-area residents who want to build or protect their assets in their communities. In addition, LEDC strengthens the participation of participants in the political process through community organizing and leadership training activities.

This work is done in collaboration with partners at the local level as well as local, state and national umbrella organizations of which LEDC is an affiliate.

LEDC's advocacy work focuses on five main areas:

  • Lack of resource equity in support of programs supporting low- to moderate-income residents
  • Lack of accountable, transparent redevelopment planning processes
  • Administrative and regulatory barriers to asset building
  • Limited access to asset-building tools
  • Lack of civic engagement/political participation

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