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Paycheck Protection Program - LEDC

Paycheck Protection Program 

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Para ver la lista de documentos requeridos en español, por favor haga clic aqui

Required Documents:

  • SBA Application (download here)
  • Certification of Beneficial Ownership Form (download here)
    • Please list all owners with 20% or more ownership
  • Driver license, passport, permanent resident "green" card or other government-issued identification for all owners with 20% or more share of the business
  • Formation Documents (all that apply):
    • Articles of Incorporation/Organization
    • Bylaws
    • Partnership Agreement
    • Non-Profit Bylaws
    • 501(3)(c) Evidence
  • Tax Return (one of the following):
  • Supporting documentation for payroll expenses in 2019 (or Jan-Feb 2020 for new businesses):
    • Form 940, Forms 941, or W-3
    • Forms W-2 or payroll processor record
    • (Optional) State/local unemployment tax quarterly reports
    • (Optional) Group health insurance invoices and proof of payment
    • (Optional) Proof of retirement plan contributions
    • If you are self-employed with no employees or an independent contractor (one of the following):
      • 2019 IRS Form 1099-MISC
      • 2019 Invoice
      • 2019 Bank statement
      • Book of record establishing you were self-employed in 2019
  • Proof of operations on or around February 15, 2020 (one of the following):
    • Payroll processor record for the pay-period that includes February 15
    • Business bank statement for February
    • Invoice on or after February 15
    • Book of record

For more information, please read: