Empowered Women International

We are Empowered Women International (EWI), a program of the Latino Economic Development Center. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurship training, mentoring, market access and support services to help talented and high-potential women monetize their creative or cultural assets, artistic abilities, knowledge and skills, and become change-makers in their families, communities and the world for immigrant, refugee, low-income, and at-risk women in the Greater Washington DC Metro Area.

At EWI, we offer talented and creative women dynamic training programs with professional teachers, mentors and a supportive peer community where they can achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Each year we serve over 450 women with our award-winning approach, Entrepreneur Pathways for Women, which integrates training, mentoring, and support services. We meet women where they are on the pathway to self-sufficiency and help them move forward.

  • Our training offers women the skills and knowledge essential to entrepreneurial and workforce success.
  • Dedicated mentors provide ongoing support as women apply new skills to their emerging businesses.
  • We collaborate with a broad network of social and business services to meet individual needs and provide expanded opportunities.
“It is much harder if you’re starting on your own. EWI is doing wonderful work supporting women who probably won’t get assistance elsewhere starting their own business.” — Sachi Tani, Artist & Owner of Wooden Pencil Co. ETS Spring 2015 Graduate.

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