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Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 06:00 PM


Are you struggling to pay your mortgage or already behind on your payments? There is help available!


Join us for a virtual discussion to learn more about your mortgage relief options, available assistance programs, alternatives to foreclosure, and the foreclosure process and timeline as it applies to the state of Maryland. You will also be able to meet with a HUD-Certified Housing Counselor to help you through the process and assist with applications.

Please note this session is intended for Maryland homeowners only. If you want to learn more about your options in DC or VA, please contact [email protected] or call 202-540-7401.

Zoom in Silver Spring, MD
Tuesday, July 02, 2024 at 04:00 PM

Virtual DC Homebuying Orientation

This workshop is the first step for DC Residents interested in purchasing their first home in the District. The orientation introduces the homebuying process and DC first-time homebuyer programs, such as: DC Open Doors, HPAP, EAHP, and NEAP. In DC, the Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP) provides up to $202,000 in down payment and $4,000 for closing costs assistance to DC residents. Attendees can find out what programs they qualify for and learn about next steps in the homebuying process.

If you are interested in applying to the HPAP, EAHP, or NEAHP programs, you must first take this orientation to get a counseling appointment:


Zoom in Washington, DC
Wednesday, July 03, 2024 at 04:00 PM


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¿Pensando en comprar su primera casa pero no sabe si se puede?

Esta orientación, provee una introducción al proceso de comprar una casa y los programas para compradores de casa por primera vez en los condados de Montgomery y Prince George, MD. Los programas compartidos ofrecen asistencia financiera para los costos de cierre y el enganche dependiendo en su ingreso y el precio de la casa. Averigüe para cuanto puede calificar y sobre los próximos pasos en el proceso de comprar su casa. Tome este primer paso GRATIS en el camino a convertirse en propietario de su vivienda en MD.

Tuesday, July 09, 2024 at 04:00 PM

Inclusionary Zoning Orientation

Virtual Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Orientation: Introduction to the IZ Program for buyers and renters in the District of Columbia

Interested in buying or renting a home but don’t know if you can?

This orientation provides an introduction to the IZ program that the District of Columbia designed for income eligible households to purchase or rent at below market prices in DC.  Inclusionary Zoning is a law that requires developers to set aside a certain number of units for low-to moderate- income households. Participants will receive their Inclusionary Zoning Certificate after successful completion of this 2 hour orientation and once attendance is confirmed. The IZ Certificate will be valid for 2 years and will give participants an opportunity to enter the Inclusionary Zoning Lottery or renew an existing certificate. 

If you connect 15 minutes late you will need to reschedule for the next class. Thank you!  


Tuesday, July 09, 2024 at 05:00 PM

Tenant Rights and Resources Available in Montgomery County, MD


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Having problems to pay your rent ?

In this webinar you will learn about:

  •  Fair Housing Rights
  •  What To Do If You Receive a Court Notice
  •  Utility Assistance
  •  Other Available Credits
  •  Additional Resources Available
White Oak Zoom
Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 10:00 AM

Financing Your Future - Virtual

This class helps attendees to understand the basic aspects of budgeting, they will gain the ability to develop and make a spending plan to meet their goals. They will understand the importance of saving, creating and emergency funds, and how to get help from local resources. In addition, attendees will understand how to manage the credit system and the importance of building a healthy credit record, to achieve financial well-being. They will gain a better understanding of terminology used by financial institutions and credit bureaus.  

This workshop includes the following topics:  

○ The importance of developing a spending plan, wise spending habits, in addition to receiving tips on how to save money. 

○ Find out about the importance of setting goals to achieve financial objectives. 

○ Identify the difference between needs and wants to achieve your financial goals. 

○ Learn how to establish a credit presence and maintain a good credit history, and how financial institutions determine creditworthiness. 

Zoom in Washington, DC
Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 03:00 PM

Cafecito Financiero

En esta charla con LEDC usted aprenderá sobre la importancia del crédito y como establecer o mejorarlo.

Además aprenderá a crear y mantener un plan de gastos.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 04:00 PM

INTRO TO HOMEBUYING - Montgomery and Prince George's County

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Ready to buy your first home in Maryland?

This virtual orientation via Zoom provides an introduction to the home buying process and MD's first-time homebuyer programs in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. Programs offer financial assistance for closing and down payment costs depending on your income and the price of the house. Find out how much you can qualify for and the next steps in the home buying process. Take this FREE first step on the road to becoming an MD homeowner.

Zoom in Silver Spring, MD
Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 06:00 PM


Para tomar esta clase, por favor registrese completando el formulario en el siguiente enlace:

Tiene problemas para pagar su renta?
En esta sesion informativa virtual aprendera acerca:
La Equidad en la vivienda
Que hacer si recibe una citación para ir a la corte
Programa de Pagos de Asistencia en Emergencias
Y otras recursos

White Oak Zoom in Silver Spring , MD
Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 04:00 PM


¿Le gustaría comprar vivienda dentro de la Ciudad de Baltimore, pero no sabe por donde empezar? 

Participe en esta charla virtual para aprender sobre:

  • El proceso de compra de vivienda 
  • El costo del proceso
  • Opciones de financiamiento y sus requisitos
  • Programas de asistencia para primeros compradores en la Ciudad de Baltimore 
  • Como consejería de vivienda le puede ayudar con su proceso 

Después de participar en la charla tendrá la oportunidad de programar una reunión para platicar sobre su crédito y finanzas o para prepararse para su compra. 


Baltimore City Zoom in Baltimore City, MD