Housing Campaigns

Do you want to turn your one voice for affordable housing into a thousand voices? Get to know people in your community who care about affordable housing and join a campaign today to fight for your neighbors and renters citywide.

LEDC works closely with tenants and partner organizations to develop campaigns in support of affordable housing in the District of Columbia. Campaigns focus on city-wide issues, motivating and mobilizing tenants to become involved with campaigns related to preserving and increasing the affordable housing stock in the city.
There are three campaigns currently in progress:
  • Housing for All Campaign – LEDC is an active member of this campaign coordinated by the Coalition for Nonprofit for Housing and Economic Development. Join renters and housing advocates in support of stronger support for adequate funding for the continuum of housing in the District of Columbia, including supportive housing for the homeless, affordable rental housing, and traditional homeownership.
  • Tenant Purchase Campaign – Join renters and co-op owners calling for adequate funding of the local Housing Production Trust Fund to help tenant associations exercise their legal right to purchase their for-sale property.
  • Safe and Healthy Housing Campaign - Join renters who are trying to mandate landlords to remove mold, lead, and asbestos from apartment buildings in the District. (Do you have problems like this? Fill out this survey so we have more information about how widespread this problem is.)

Past campaigns include the Housing Conditions campaign, which after years of work successfully led to the creation of the DC Housing Conditions Court. Through the Court, renters in the District of Columbia can sue landlords for refusing to fix housing code violations.

LEDC continues to coordinate advocacy and organizing to ensure quality housing conditions.

To join a campaign, contact Affordable Housing Preservation Program Manager, Lauren Tayor at 202-740-7623 or [email protected].