Resources and Helpful Links

Equipping Latinos and other DC-area residents with the skills and financial tools to create a better future for their families and communities.


Resources and Helpful Links

Here are some more tools and information for your small business toolbox.

Download forms with upcoming LEDC services and connect to more small business resources.


LEDC Resources

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Entrepreneurs in Action Brochure (Spanish) 2012-11-11 122.43 KB

How to Start a Business Brochure 2012-11-11 453.24 KB

Coaching Brochure (English) 2012-11-11 176.38 KB

Coaching Brochure (Spanish) 2012-11-11 172.44 KB

El Alcance Brochure (LEDC’s Small Business Development department newsletter) 2012-11-11 4.04 MB



English Small Business Providers in the Washington Metropolitan Area 


Tender Growth/Daycare Resources


DC Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs 


MD Small Business Resources 

Success Story

  • Yvonne Stewart-Delancey and James Smith +

    After three years of hard work, Yvonne Stewart-Delancey and James Smith have made their dreams of starting a daycare center Read More
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