One-on-One Consulting

Equipping Latinos and other underserved communities in the DC and Baltimore Metropolitan Areas with the skills and financial tools to create a better future for their families and communities.


One-on-One Consulting

One-on-One ConsultingAre you a small business owner who needs more intensive support and coaching to take your business to the next level? Get connected with Brinca, LEDC’s one-on-one small business coaching service. 

LEDC offers Brinca coaching services in the following five areas. If you are an existing business owner and want more information, contact 202-540-7405.

Business Planning

It's easier to make better decisions for your small business if you have a credible business plan. The business planning process will allow you to think through potential hurdles and ways to overcome challenges to starting or growing your small business ahead of time. Work with a Small Business Coach to help make sure you have a plan you can believe in.


Don’t fear your finances. Work with a Small Business Coach and learn to understand how much money your business is actually making– regardless of your prior experience with accounting.


Communities are changing, and so is your client base. How can you maintain your existing client base as well as expand it? Work with a Small Business Coach to figure out the best way for your potential clients to find you and make your business more recession-proof.


In the world of small business, sales are king. Work with a Small Business Coach and gain more contracts by understanding the complete sales process and leveraging your own advantages.


Any small business owner needs to understand how to obtain and renew the proper licenses to run a business. Work with a Small Business Coach to help you navigate the different governmental agencies that are in charge of providing business licenses for your type of small business.

Success Story

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    After three years of hard work, Yvonne Stewart-Delancey and James Smith have made their dreams of starting a daycare center Read More
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