Tenant Leadership Trainings

Equipping Latinos And Other DC And Baltimore Metro Area Residents With Skills And Financial Tools To Create A Better Future For Their Families And Communities

Tenant Leadership Trainings

Do you want to strengthen your tenant association and improve housing conditions in your building? Do you want to learn how to get more people involved? Join our tenant leadership group.

To help renters become leaders in their tenant associations and in their communities, LEDC offers monthly leadership trainings where tenant leaders learn how to engage neighbors to preserve affordable housing and connect with key decision makers in charge of affordable housing funding and policy. 

The trainings, which take place throughout the year, explore a range of topics relevant to achieving successful outcomes for renters interested in preserving their housing as affordable in the District.

Topics include:

  1. How do I form and incorporate a tenant association?
  2. What is the role of a board of directors?
  3. How do I work with people of different backgrounds and cultures?
  4. What are effective advocacy strategies?
  5. How can I use the media to talk to the press and tell my story? 

Are you interested in participating? Contact Bilingual Tenant Organizer Phil Kennedy at 202-540-7418 or at pkennedy@ledcmetro.org 

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