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Equipping Latinos and other DC-area residents with the skills and financial tools to create a better future for their families and communities.

Resources and Links

Here are some more tools and information for your affordable housing toolbox.

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Building and Sustaining a Successful Tenants Association 2012-11-11 843.44 KB

Duties and Responsibilities of Tenant Association Members, Board of Directors, and Officials 2012-11-11 1.02 MB

Do You Have These Problems in Your Apartment? (handout English/Spanish) 2012-11-11 771.03 KB

Maintenance Request Instructions 2012-11-11 211.03 KB

How to File a Housing Conditions Case in D.C. Superior Court to GET REPAIRS (bilingual) 2012-11-11 201.95 KB

What is a Housing Cooperative? (billingual) 2012-11-11 622.16 KB

The Eviction Process 2012-11-11 201.56 KB

What is a Lease? (bilingual brochure) 2012-11-11 393.99 KB

Low Income Housing Tax-Credit Program (LIHTC) (English/Spanish) 2012-11-11 443.15 KB

Rent Control Fact Sheet 2012-11-11 346.12 KB

Information on the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) 2012-11-11 36.89 KB

Tenants Options in the TOPA Process (English/Spanish) 2012-11-11 207.23 KB

Know Your Tenant Rights Information (English/Spanish brochure) 2012-11-11 528.39 KB

Kiva City DC Reunion Event Menu 2014-03-19 326.99 KB

Success Story

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    When a group of neighbors started working together, a fight over poor housing conditions turned into the opportunity of a Read More
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