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Equipping Latinos and other underserved communities in the DC and Baltimore Metropolitan Areas with the skills and financial tools to create a better future for their families and communities.


Resources and Links

Here are some more tools and information for your financial fitness toolbox.

Links (for Spanish speakers) (for Spanish speakers) (for Spanish speakers)

Know your rights:
Fair Credit Reporting Act – PDF

Creditsmart Consumer Web-based Training Course

Report Financial Abuse and File a Complaint:
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -
Federal Trade Commission

Get Legal Help:
DC Office of the Attorney General
Hotline 202.442.9828 Ms. Dorlis Carter Fax.202.741.8789

Have Financial Fun:
Financial Football
Financial Soccer

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Financial Health Seminar 2014-05-27 203.93 KB
LEDC Plan de Accion Financiero (Spanish) 2013-04-02 98.5 KB
LEDC Plan de Ahorros (Spanish) 2013-04-02 288.5 KB
LEDC Presupuesto Mensual (Spanish) 2013-04-02 67.5 KB
LEDC Cartas De Quejas - Instrucciones y Cartas Ejemplares (Spanish) 2013-04-02 91.5 KB
LEDC Resumen de Credito (Spanish) 2013-04-02 339.18 KB
LEDC Savings Calculator 2013-04-02 79.5 KB
LEDC Monthly Budget 2013-04-02 63.5 KB
LEDC Savings Action Plan 2013-04-02 288 KB
How to Negotiate Debts & Collections 2013-04-02 96 KB
LEDC Dispute Letter Templates and Instructions 2013-04-02 101 KB
LEDC Credit Nutrition Bilingual Tip Sheet 2013-04-02 450 KB
LEDC Credit Assessment 2013-04-02 342.31 KB
LEDC Financial Action Plan 2012-11-11 90.18 KB
Official Credit Dispute Letters 2012-11-11 346.91 KB

Success Story

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    For Braudilia Mendes, what she didn’t realize was that she needed to take control of her credit before she could Read More
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