What to Bring to Your First Visit

LEDC is ready to help you buy your first home and save your home from foreclosure. 

Here are a few helpful documents to collect and fill out to make sure your experience with LEDC is an efficient and positive one.

Buying Your First Home

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Application for the DC Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP) 2012-11-11 3.93 MB

Application for the DC Employer Assisted Housing Program 2012-11-11 3.99 MB


Save Your Home from Foreclosure

Foreclosure Intake Documents (English) 2013-08-26 727.52 KB

Foreclosure Intake Documents (Spanish) 2013-08-26 901.44 KB

Checklist for Needed Documents (English) 2012-11-11 551.25 KB

Checklist for Needed Documents (Spanish) 2012-11-11 575.68 KB